We had high expectations of Taj Fort Aguada where we decided to take our brunch.

Firstly because the place is absolutely gorgeous. The large sofas and armchairs invite you to relax. The craftsmanship is highlighted by decorative objects in brass. The staff is omnipresent and zealous. Continuing on the outside, we pass through lush gardens and have gasped at the sight of the sea. No doubt, we are in a 5 star!

Brunch buffet consists of many varieties of salads, smoked salmon, and various “hors d’oeuvres” and “canapés”. The main dishes are ample justice to Indian cuisine and Italian (choice of pasta). We do not know what dessert to choose from the wide range available.

Our opinion:

  • Restaurant with an ideal atmosphere for people who like Strauss’ waltzes and whispers.
  • We thought we could enjoy the pool after our brunch, but the hotel reserve its use only for resident guests. Specially as there is hardly anyone on the sun!

Price for two all inclusive with alcoholic drinks: Rs 3719 which is a bit expensive for 2:30 on the spot !

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