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Colin D’Cruz …Goodbye Indigo Goa Grooves…Good Morning TV Show !!!

Yesterday I had this communication inside my mailbox, and my friend and artist Colin D’Cruz who is the most active musician I never met, give me a very good news for his very awesome career:now  he’s going to be on TV SHOW :

Colin D’ Cruz said:” I turned music producer after close to four decades of live performance. Five star hotel residencies, concerts, music festivals, international tours and just about every genre of music contributed to my continuously updated music vocabulary. Turning music producer was the most natural development in my career. Producing other artiste’s music gives me greater joy than producing my own. I set up a recording studio in Goa and went about doing just that and in a span of three years I produced over eighty originals many of which topped international internet charts. The world was ready for original western music from India but India wasn’t. Right through my career I only encountered record labels who knew exactly what every Indian wanted and that was songs to be sung in Hindi. It was just about the same with radio stations. Granted, we live in a country ruled by bollywood and Hindi is a major language. English speaking people in India may be a minority but then again when we talk even a tiny percentage of India, we are talking the population of an entire European country. Indigo 91.9 FM is probably the only radio station in the country to see this perspective, taking on the might of bollywood by broadcasting only international music in India. Most of the songs I have been producing has been in English and Indigo 91.9 was my only hope to have my music broadcast locally. It took me a long time to convince the heads that western music being produced in India easily matches and in many cases even outclasses international releases. I had documented my tracks that topped thousands of worldwide entries on internet charts and this finally convinced them to give my music a shot. The 29th of July 2012 will go down as a historical day for local talent in Goa when ‘Indigo Goa Grooves’ went on air in a one year long weekly broadcast. In just three months the slickly produced two hour broadcast grew into the most popular radio show in Goa, with people actually staying tuned right through the two hour show that featured a different local artiste as a guest every week. It has been one exciting journey and the curtains come down on yet another phase in my career. The final broadcast of Indigo Goa Grooves goes on air on the 21st of July featuring some of my favourite excerpts from past shows.  Colin D’Cruz ”

Vanda Petrovic, Fashion Designer

IMG_2553IMG_2734 IMG_0480  IMG_0505IMG_0491 IMG_0514 IMG_2746

We met Vanda at the Celestial Colors Fashion Show. Her collection had really impressed us and it is from that day that we decided to learn more about it.

This small energetic woman arrives in one of her colorful creations, apologizing for being late. She has always loved fashion and tells us she started sewing with her ​​grandmother. She was then formed by João De Mattos with whom she came to Goa in 2004. In 2005, they jointly participate in a contest at “Aquae Fashion Show” in Lisbon and they won the First Prize, given by the Textile Museum in London.

She chose Goa to find something different and inspiring, to be more in harmony with nature, colors and materials. World traveler (she returns from 18 months in Ibiza, Brazil and France), it is during these travels that she gleaned the material, then after spending long periods of meditation, she coordinates the tissues.

“The feel the material and colors are important. Colors give you energy. As I walked near Mapusa, I once saw a building black, grey and red. A dress immediately materialized in front of me, I was inspired by this house, its colors and its power to create it.

For now, each of these creations is a unique model, she also invents models for the scene. Vanda would like to create his company and focus on higher production. This year, she shares a shop with other designers, it is attached to the Samovar, this Lebanese restaurant which give its profits to the Samarpan foundation. Vanda Petrovic which adheres to their philanthropy donates all she sales

See you soon Vanda. We Love WE.

Prices : between Rs 2400 to Rs 72 000 (models for the scene)


Nous avions rencontré Vanda lors du Celestial Colors Fashion Show. Sa collection nous avez réellement bluffé et c’est dès ce moment là que nous avions décidé d’en savoir plus sur elle.

Cette petite femme énergique arrive, dans l’une de ces créations colorées, en s’excusant de son retard . Elle a toujours aimé les tissus et nous confie avoir commencé la couture avec sa grand-mère. Elle a ensuite été formée par João De Mattos avec qui elle est arrivée à Goa en 2004 . En 2005, ils participent ensemble à un concours organisé lors de “Aquaé Fashion Show” à Lisbonne et ils remportent le Premier prix, donné par le Musée du Textile de Londres.

Elle a choisi Goa pour trouver un endroit différent et inspirant, pour être plus en harmonie avec la nature, les couleurs et les matières. Grande voyageuse (elle revient de 18 mois passés à Ibiza, au Brésil et en France), c’est lors de ces périples qu’elle glâne ses tissus qu’elle coordonne ensuite après avoir passé de longs moments de méditation. “Le toucher du tissu et les couleurs sont importants. Les couleurs te donnent de l’énergie. En me promenant près de Mapusa, j’ai vu un jour un immeuble noir, gris et rouge. Une robe s’est aussitôt matérialisée devant moi, je me suis inspirée de cette habitation, de ses couleurs et de son énergie pour la créer.

Pour le moment, chacune de ces créations est un modèle unique, elle invente aussi des modèles pour la scène. Vanda souhaiterait créer sa société et se recentrer sur une production plus importante. Cette année, elle partage une boutique avec d’autres stylistes, celle-ci est rattachée au Samovar, ce restaurant libanais qui reverse ses bénéfices au profit de la fondation Samarpan. Vanda Petrovic qui adhère à la philantropie de la fondation leur reverse l’intégralité des ventes d’une partie de sa collection.

A bientôt Vanda. We Love WE.

Prix entre RS 2400 et Rs 72 000 (pour une robe de scène).

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