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La Vie Boheme Fashion Store in Goa

La vie Boheme Goa Beach Shop is the first flagship boutique store of the “La vie Boheme” brand by Vero M. It is a fitting welcome to arguably one of the most popular restaurants in Goa, the chic and trendy Thalassa on Vagator beach. Along with the Vero M. label, the boutique showcases original, elegant, multifaceted collections of chic bohemian women’s wear and jewellery that are comfortable, fashionable and fun.


Vero M was born in France and left for Barcelona and Ibiza after graduation where she first brought to life her creations. She then moved to Dubai followed by Thailand and she started designing pieces of jewelry. She settled few years in Singapore, spending a lot of time in Bali getting more inspired and started her own label after opening her beach shop in Goa, India. Her brand reflects her inspirations, desires, personality and lifestyle. She now divides her time between India and South east Asia and continues to travel the world.

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La Vie Boheme is the result of Vero M’s search for all things chic and Bohemian. She envisioned the brand after exploring the world only to realize how tough it is to find the perfect bag that was stylish and functional at the same time. Veronique’s love affair with fashion has now evolved into this diverse collection of trendy, yet practical fashion wear. Aside from creating stunningly designed bags, La Vie Boheme by Vero M also includes mesmerizing pieces of jewelry and comfortable clothing that complement perfectly every item on the collection.

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All pieces are put together with the perfect combination of passion and precision, keeping in mind the convenience sought out by versatile individuals who juggle both the city and beach lifestyles. Bags and clothes are light weight, easy to carry pieces. Materials used are hand-picked with love. All the bags consist of 100% leather, and are hand-made. Clothes are made with only the finest fabrics. The jewelry designs are made of silver and partnerships with jewelry from Jaipur that carries amazing collection of antique and precious pieces.

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Our logo, the Lotus Flower, symbolizes the sun and creation in ancient Egypt, spiritual awakening and beauty in Buddhism and Hinduism. The Lotus represents the beauty and strength of a woman, which is defined by ‘La vie boheme’. The collections are made for women of every age, wherever they may be. La Vie Boheme is designed for the strong, independent, bold women on the move who are not afraid to make statements and be noticed.

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Our last collection  » Enchanted forest  » is inspired by the tropical forests of Asia, instilling the illusion of life such as the lotus, bamboos and tropical birds on our hand- painted bags and shoes and embroidered clothes. When ancient handiworks and contemporary fashion meet, enchantment transcends and « La vie boheme by Vero M. » lives to tell its story.


The La vie Boheme boutique is located in Vagator as you enter Thalassa Greek Restaurant Elegant, and sophisticated, colourful and relaxed, blending easily with Thalassa’s Mediterranean ambience, the stores decor is a fitting welcome to the ever popular beach Taverna. Alluring bright colours of the leather bags and clothing draw your eyes in…

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What to do during the rain ?

What to do in Goa, during the days of incessant rains ?

Resting ? Reading  a good book ? Surfing on the net ?
Or just shopping on line ! Me personally I love to shop on the net.

So this morning by looking blogs, news and other usual web sites, I found a great site e-commerce, on-line store is there are all kinds of millinery, shoes, deco for your children’s room, the bathroom, toiletry products, perfumes, food…. Experience shopping with them also means, share with your friends on the network socials purchases and items that are dedicated fell in love.

In this an eCommerce portal with a difference. Here, you can discover that perfect top, share it with your Facebook friends, get a second opinion and buy it only if it gets a nod from all your friends. Exactly the way we women prefer to shop!

More technical details about the Limeroad store: has ranked #26,920 in the world according to Alexa website ranking. has Google pagerank #2. receives 40,862 page views per day . has recently shown a 56.62% in growth in the traffic rank. The average page load time is 2 seconds, which is faster than 34% of sites around the world. has a popular site score rating of 3 out of 5 Stars.

« LimeRoad is India’s most extensive lifestyle platform for Women’s shopping. Create scrapbooks, share your experiences and discover social shopping online with a wide selection of Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Handbags, Food, Home and Lifestyle products. »

Limeroad Store


Que faire a Goa, durant les journées de pluies incessantes ?

Se reposer ? Lire un bon bouquin ? Surfer sur internet ?Ou bien tout simplement faire du shopping on line !!! Moi personnellement  J’adore faire des achats sur le net.

Donc, ce matin en consultant les blogs, les news et autres web sites habituels, j’ai découvert un site de e-commerce extraordinaire, sur ce store on-line on y trouve toutes sortes d’articles de modes, de chaussures, de deco pour la chambre de vos enfants, la salle de bain, des produits de toilettes, des parfums, des aliments, en bref c’est réellement une sorte de Ikea store on line version indienne …. Expérimenter le shopping avec eux signifie aussi, partager avec vos amis sur les socials network les achats et les objets dont voue êtes tombés amoureux.

Moi personnellement j’ai adoré , le design est vraiment élégant, ce sont des professionnels du secteur sans l’ombre d’un doute. Les chiffres sont d’ailleurs très clairs a ce sujet: a classé # 26.920 dans le monde selon Alexa classement de site Web. a Google PageRank n ° 2. reçoit 40 862 pages vues par jour. a récemment montré un 56,62% de croissance au premier rang de la circulation. Le temps de chargement moyen est de 2 secondes, ce qui est plus rapide que 34% des sites à travers le monde. dispose d’un site populaire note de 3 sur 5 étoiles.

Limeroad Store


Goa No Limits bother!!!

images-6Surprise, surprise … when yesterday I wanted to post our new article on the Goan groups in which « Goa No Limits » is a subscriber to see that we have been banned and we have even been reported on Facebook that has blocked one of our account!

Thank you to all these groups, we will not mention, because they really not worth it because you confortez us in our determination to continue this blog and contrary to what you hoped for we come away even stronger and resolved! The most false pretexts are discussed and all the cheap shots seem to be allowed. But « The droll of the toad will not reach the white dove » and « the dog barks but the caravan moves » (French proverbs) …

Thank you to all others groups who understood our approach and continue to give unto us the word.

« Goa No Limits » will continue to give you outstanding addresses, whether it be restaurant, hotels, shops, tips for recycling and many other things.

« Goa No Limits » starts to truly buzz on the Internet and it bothers!


Goa No Limits dérange !!!

Surprise, surprise… quand hier, j’ai voulu poster notre nouvel article sur les groupes dans lesquels « Goa No Limits » est abonné de voir que nous en avons été banni et que nous avons même été signalé sur Facebook qui a bloqué l’un de nos compte !

Merci à tous ces groupes, que nous ne mentionnerons pas, parce qu’ils n’en valent vraiment pas la peine, car vous nous confortez dans notre détermination de continuer ce blog et que contrairement à ce que vous espériez nous en ressortons encore plus fortes et résolues ! Les prétextes les plus fallacieux sont évoqués et tous les coups bas semblent être permis. Mais « la bave du crapeau n’atteint pas la blanche colombe » et « le chien aboie la caravane passe » (proverbes français)…

Merci aux autres groupes qui ont compris notre démarche et qui continuent à nous donner la parole.

« Goa No Limits » continuera à vous donner des adresses remarquables, que ce soit des restaurant, des hôtels, des boutiques, des conseils pour recycler et bien d’autres choses encore.

« Goa No Limits » commence à faire réellement le buzz sur Internet et ça dérange !

Children of El Shaddai Kathleen House Assagao


Aujourd’hui les enfants de El Shaddai charité en Inde , reçoivent de la part d’élèves du lycée Pompidou de Dubaï des peluches qu’ils ont généreusement offertes. La joie est au rendez vous, même si elle  ne dure que quelques instants…

English version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today children El Shaddai Charitable India receive from high school students Pompidou Dubai fluff they have generously offered. Joy is waiting for you, even if it only lasts a few moments


Celestial Colors Fashion Show – Samovar Anjuna

The colors were present last night at Anjuna, both in decor and lighting of Samovar and on the scene. Gemma Carver, Gulsen Tozacan, Miriam Strehlau, Brigitte Axel, Vanda Petrovic declined their vision of « bohemian hippie » women. Many friends and « Fashionistas » came to see the new collections of these five talented designers.

Sissi Perlinger and the fire dances of Mir Jam hosts the evening.
Axailes Solar & Djo have made dance the guests at the after party that lasted late into the night.

I personally liked VandaPetrovic’s collection , Eva, meanwhile, preferred models worn by Brigitte Axel’s daughter.


Les couleurs étaient présentes hier soir à Anjuna, tant dans le décor et les éclairages du Samovar que sur la scène. Gemma Carver, Gulsen Tozacan, Miriam Strehlau, Brigitte Axel et Vanda Petrovic nous ont décliné leur vision de la femme « hippie bohème ». Amis et  « fashionistas » étaient venus nombreux pour découvrir les nouvelles collections de ces cinq talentueuses stylistes.

Sissi Perlinger et les danses du feu  de Mir Jam ont animé la soirée.

Axailes Solar & Djo ont fait dansé les invités lors de l’after party qui s’est prolongée tard dans la nuit.

J’ai personnellement aimé la collection de Vanda Petrovic, Eva, quant à elle, a préféré les modèles de Brigitte Axel portés par sa fille.

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