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La Vie Boheme Fashion Store in Goa

La vie Boheme Goa Beach Shop is the first flagship boutique store of the “La vie Boheme” brand by Vero M. It is a fitting welcome to arguably one of the most popular restaurants in Goa, the chic and trendy Thalassa on Vagator beach. Along with the Vero M. label, the boutique showcases original, elegant, multifaceted collections of chic bohemian women’s wear and jewellery that are comfortable, fashionable and fun.


Vero M was born in France and left for Barcelona and Ibiza after graduation where she first brought to life her creations. She then moved to Dubai followed by Thailand and she started designing pieces of jewelry. She settled few years in Singapore, spending a lot of time in Bali getting more inspired and started her own label after opening her beach shop in Goa, India. Her brand reflects her inspirations, desires, personality and lifestyle. She now divides her time between India and South east Asia and continues to travel the world.

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La Vie Boheme is the result of Vero M’s search for all things chic and Bohemian. She envisioned the brand after exploring the world only to realize how tough it is to find the perfect bag that was stylish and functional at the same time. Veronique’s love affair with fashion has now evolved into this diverse collection of trendy, yet practical fashion wear. Aside from creating stunningly designed bags, La Vie Boheme by Vero M also includes mesmerizing pieces of jewelry and comfortable clothing that complement perfectly every item on the collection.

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All pieces are put together with the perfect combination of passion and precision, keeping in mind the convenience sought out by versatile individuals who juggle both the city and beach lifestyles. Bags and clothes are light weight, easy to carry pieces. Materials used are hand-picked with love. All the bags consist of 100% leather, and are hand-made. Clothes are made with only the finest fabrics. The jewelry designs are made of silver and partnerships with jewelry from Jaipur that carries amazing collection of antique and precious pieces.

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Our logo, the Lotus Flower, symbolizes the sun and creation in ancient Egypt, spiritual awakening and beauty in Buddhism and Hinduism. The Lotus represents the beauty and strength of a woman, which is defined by ‘La vie boheme’. The collections are made for women of every age, wherever they may be. La Vie Boheme is designed for the strong, independent, bold women on the move who are not afraid to make statements and be noticed.

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Our last collection ” Enchanted forest ” is inspired by the tropical forests of Asia, instilling the illusion of life such as the lotus, bamboos and tropical birds on our hand- painted bags and shoes and embroidered clothes. When ancient handiworks and contemporary fashion meet, enchantment transcends and “La vie boheme by Vero M.” lives to tell its story.


The La vie Boheme boutique is located in Vagator as you enter Thalassa Greek Restaurant Elegant, and sophisticated, colourful and relaxed, blending easily with Thalassa’s Mediterranean ambience, the stores decor is a fitting welcome to the ever popular beach Taverna. Alluring bright colours of the leather bags and clothing draw your eyes in…

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Burn and Burp Festival 26-27-28/4/2013- Inox Courtyard Panaji



There is one thing, which for us Europeans is very important, this is punctuality! But in India you seem to ignore the notion of time. How often I had to wait 1 hour, 2 hours or even overnight for appointments made by the people themselves they may be workers or friends or even business partners

It’s the same with all your events, including those planned well in advance. For example, “The European Film Festival” which began its opening night with more than an hour late and yesterday the “Burn and Burp Festival” scheduled to begin at 15 pm in the courtyard of the Inox and when we arrived at 7:30 p.m. was not ready yet! Some were still in the sound adjustments on stage, the restaurants were trying to glowing the coals of their BBQ (Burn) and, if the stand supposed to sell beer (Burp) was there, there was still no one on place and no beer! But people, who like us wanted to join the party, they were very present, waiting to eat, drink and have fun … and many people have left disappointed.

So at 20:30 we left without seeing anything because there was nothing to see. Shame!


Il y a une chose, qui pour nous européens est très importante, c’est la ponctualité ! Mais en Inde vous semblez ignorer cette notion de temps. Combien de fois j’ai du attendre 1 heure, 2 heures voire même jusqu’au lendemain pour des rendez-vous fixés par les personnes elles-mêmes qu’ils soient amis ou ouvriers ou encore partenaires en affaires…

Il en va de même avec tous vos événements, y compris ceux programmés longtemps en avance. Par exemple, “Le Festival du film européen” qui a commencé sa soirée d’inauguration avec plus d’une heure de retard et hier le “Burn and Burp Festival” qui devait commencer à 15 h dans la cour de l’Inox et qui lorsque nous sommes arrivées à 19h30 n’était pas encore prêt ! On en était encore aux réglages de la sono sur la scène, les restaurants tentaient de faire rougeoyer les braises de leurs BBQ (Burn) et si le stand censé vendre la bière (Burp) était bien là, il n’y avait encore personne sur place et pas de bière ! Par contre les personnes qui comme nous voulaient participer à la fête étaient elles bien présentes, attendant de pouvoir manger, boire et s’amuser… et nombreux sont ceux qui sont repartis déçus. A 20h30, nous avons donc quitté les lieux sans avoir rien vu puisqu’il n’y avait rien à voir. Dommage !

18th European Film Festival – Maquinez Palace – Panjim



Yesterday, in the presence of Consul General of Portugal, M. Antonio Sabido Costa, Consul General of Sweden Mrs Fredrika Ornbrant, Mrs Marianne Borgo, M. Vishnu Wagh, M. Prasad Lolayekar and M. Shripad Naik, started the 18th European Film Festival to be held at Maquinez Palace up April 30.

Spectators will have the chance to view a selection of 24 movies, subtitles in English, which have never been projected in India. This year the festival has chosen to celebrate women. Some of the movies are comedies, some are dramas and some are unclassifiable just as life itself.

We particularly recommend:

26/4 -2:30 PM: “Water Lilies” by Céline Sciamma, French film

26/4 -5:00 PM: “Eccentricities of a blond hair Girl” by Manuel de Oliveira, Portuguese film.

The entrance is free. On first come first served basis.

For more information, go to or


Hier, en présence du Consul Général du Portugal, M. António Sabido Costa, du Consul général de Suède Mme Fredrika Ornbrant, de Mme Marianne Borgo, de messieurs Vishnu Wagh, Prasad Lolayekar et Shripad Naik, a débuté le 18ème Festival du Film Européen qui se tiendra jusqu’au 30 avril au Maquinez Palace Auditorium. Les spectateurs auront la chance de visionner une sélection de 24 films, sous-titrés en anglais, qui n’ont jamais été projetés en Inde.

Cette année le festival a choisi de célébrer les femmes. Certains films sont des comédies, d’autres des drames et certains sont inclassables, tout comme la vie elle-même.

Nous vous recommandons tout particulièrement  :

le 26/4 à 14h30 : “Water Lilies” de Céline Sciamma, film français,

le 26/4 à 14h30 : “Eccentricities of a blond hair Girl” de Manuel de Oliveira, film portugais.

L’entrée est gratuite. Premier arrivé, premier servi.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, allez sur or

The Private Collection – Candolim


This shop is located on the main road in Candolim, it is a true “cabinet of curiosities” which includes all the passions and experiences of the lifetime, of Ramona Galardi who is offering everything she loves in this beautiful Goan house and welcoming garden.
Fashion with unique creations of French, Italians designers and even Bina Ramani, the famous Indian fashion designer.
Decoration with design and ethnic objects you will never get tired of watching and that will make your home a comfortable place to live.
The art is spread on the walls of each room with calligraphy Ramona runs after long hours of meditation, she also promotes Goan artists regularly exhibiting their works. At this point, it is N. Kanahia’s drawings and paintings. Ramona also makes jewelry in silver or gold with precious or semi-precious stones. Necklaces, rings, bracelets …
The Therapies take place on the first floor, Ramona is a Reiki master and follower of holistic medicine: Inner Child, opening chakras, colortherapy, gemmotherapy, yoga … You can receive the care or training for practice.
What was our surprise to see a girl working here, since she left El Shaddai’s home in Assagao.
A refined, elegant, charming place as this great traveler (she lived in London, Paris, Singapore) puts her suitcases six months of the year in Goa, spending the rest of the time in Aix-en-Provence (France).
And if you’re in the neighborhood, nothing prevents you to pause and enjoy a coffee in the luxuriant garden.
Price from Rs 100 to No Limits!


Cette boutique, située sur la route principale allant a Candolim, est un véritable “cabinet de curiosités” qui regroupe toutes les passions et les expériences d’une vie, celle de Ramona Galardi qui propose tout ce qu’elle aime dans cette très belle maison goanaise et son jardin accueillant.
La mode avec des créations uniques de stylistes francais, italiens et de Bina Ramani, la célèbre styliste indienne.
La décoration avec des objets Design et ethnique que l’on ne se lassera pas de regarder et qui contribueront à faire de votre intérieur un endroit confortable où il fait bon vivre.
L’art s’étale sur les murs de chaque pièce avec des calligraphies que Ramona exécute après de longues heures de méditation, elle promeut aussi régulierement des artistes goanais en exposant leurs oeuvres. En ce moment, c’est N. Kanahia qui expose ses dessins et peintures.
Ramona fabrique aussi des bijoux en argent ou en or avec des pierres précieuses ou semi-précieuses. Colliers, bagues, bracelets…
Les Therapies, elles, se déroulent au premier étage, Ramona est maître Reiki et adepte de médecines holistiques : Enfant intérieur, ouverture des Chakras, chromothérapie, gemmothérapie, yoga… Vous pouvez recevoir les soins ou vous former pour les pratiquer.
Quelle ne fut pas notre surprise de voir , qui travaille ici depuis qu’elle a quitté le foyer d’El Shaddai à Assagao.
Un endroit raffiné, élégant, plein de charme où cette grande voyageuse (elle a vécu à Londres, Paris, Singapour) pose ses valises six mois de l’année, passant le reste du temps à Aix-en-Provence (France).
Et si vous passez dans le coin, rien ne vous empêche de vous arrêter un instant pour savourer un café dans le luxuriant jardin.
Prix de Rs 100 a No Limits !

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