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Limited Edition of phone case for celebrating our 22,000 followers

Dear Friends,

today I am very happy and pleased to announce our fan page has reach 22, 000 followers, real ones and 175,000 people in only one week.

We are rocking for real. For this occasion we want to offer to all our “aficionado” a very Limited Edition with the lowest price and maximum

quality. Using the photos ours fans already use to watch and Love with  likes each days. Buy those 2 phone case here:








Go ethnic or go home.

Eating for less than 2 $ at the Hilton…..!!!

You wonder if it is a promotion, a scam ,or a joke…far from it…

It is the surprising reality to cross the talent & skills of the former top cook at the Hilton resort in Kuwait for 5 years…Now on the road side in North Goa…!

Missing so much homeland Chief “Cajeton D. Souza” fly back with a simple and strong idea…how to offer my style to multitude of Goan , and the curious foreign visitor ready to test the real local cuisine…

He is so modest that he called his Food Kiosk “ Test & Taste” …as he is so keen for you to have a try…before you will adopt his service of tasty food…

Smiling , charming and dedicated Cajeton has given us an experience of home made goan food for the thrill of 5 star standard…at a price nobody will ever match… A meal with drink and main course for less then 100 rs.

Opening time 4.30 pm
Closing time 10.00 pm
Chicken Cafreal – 70.00
Chicken Lollypop – 70.00
Chicken Xacuti – 60.00
Chicken Ros Omelette – 30.00
Masala Omelette – 20.00
Chicken Cutlet – 30.00
Fish Cutlet – 35.00
Chicken Tikka – 40.00

Go to the Cross Junction of Calangute on the way to Arpora & Anjuna , this as fast as possible….as you can guess that in very short time there will be a traffic jam !!…


Dejeuner pour moins de 2 $ a l ‘Hilton …!


Une promotion ou une blague…tres loin de cela , et bien au contraire la surprenante réalité de la rencontre avec un chef de grand talent qui est l’ancien chef de l’Hilton Resort au Koweit pendant 5 ans…

On le retrouve maintenant a une intersection de route au plein Coeur de la campagne du Nord de Goa…!

Sa patrie lui manquait tellement que le chef “Cajeton D. Souza” est revenu avec une simple idée en tête…Faire gouter aux Goanais et aux touristes curieux, le vrai gout de la cuisine locale.

Il est si modeste qu’il l’a appeler (en traduction de son petit panneau) Tester & Gouter…vous conduisant ainsi a apprécier ses petits plats avant de les adopter complètement …

Souriant et sympa , Cajeton , nous a donne un bel aperçu de la qualité des mets Goanais avec une qualité 5 étoiles a la “Hilton”…et a un prix que jamais personne ne pourra concurrence. Un repas avec soft drink pour 100 rs indienne, il ouvre son kiosque a 16:30 et repart a 22:00.

Chicken Cafreal – 70.00
Chicken Lollypop – 70.00
Chicken Xacuti – 60.00
Chicken Ros Omelette – 30.00
Masala Omelette – 20.00
Chicken Cutlet – 30.00
Fish Cutlet – 35.00
Chicken Tikka – 40.00

Allez vite au croisement de la route de Calangute dans la direction d’Arpora et d’Anjuna avant que la foule arrive …et cree un embouteillage de plus….

Goa all set for Bonderam festival this August!

Very cool Festival, we should note this somewhere 😉 Thanks for sharing…. Eva with Love

Colin D’Cruz …Goodbye Indigo Goa Grooves…Good Morning TV Show !!!

Yesterday I had this communication inside my mailbox, and my friend and artist Colin D’Cruz who is the most active musician I never met, give me a very good news for his very awesome career:now  he’s going to be on TV SHOW :

Colin D’ Cruz said:” I turned music producer after close to four decades of live performance. Five star hotel residencies, concerts, music festivals, international tours and just about every genre of music contributed to my continuously updated music vocabulary. Turning music producer was the most natural development in my career. Producing other artiste’s music gives me greater joy than producing my own. I set up a recording studio in Goa and went about doing just that and in a span of three years I produced over eighty originals many of which topped international internet charts. The world was ready for original western music from India but India wasn’t. Right through my career I only encountered record labels who knew exactly what every Indian wanted and that was songs to be sung in Hindi. It was just about the same with radio stations. Granted, we live in a country ruled by bollywood and Hindi is a major language. English speaking people in India may be a minority but then again when we talk even a tiny percentage of India, we are talking the population of an entire European country. Indigo 91.9 FM is probably the only radio station in the country to see this perspective, taking on the might of bollywood by broadcasting only international music in India. Most of the songs I have been producing has been in English and Indigo 91.9 was my only hope to have my music broadcast locally. It took me a long time to convince the heads that western music being produced in India easily matches and in many cases even outclasses international releases. I had documented my tracks that topped thousands of worldwide entries on internet charts and this finally convinced them to give my music a shot. The 29th of July 2012 will go down as a historical day for local talent in Goa when ‘Indigo Goa Grooves’ went on air in a one year long weekly broadcast. In just three months the slickly produced two hour broadcast grew into the most popular radio show in Goa, with people actually staying tuned right through the two hour show that featured a different local artiste as a guest every week. It has been one exciting journey and the curtains come down on yet another phase in my career. The final broadcast of Indigo Goa Grooves goes on air on the 21st of July featuring some of my favourite excerpts from past shows.  Colin D’Cruz ”

Can you name this Goan artist?

Awesome !!! Thanks for sharing …..

Goenchi Mathi

A happy Goan village scene (on paper 10x15in) was estimated at £4,000-6,000 and shot up to £22,000 (£27,000, $39,930 incl premium) at an auction held at Christie’s in 2010

☛ Do you know who was artist?
Well, here are some hints. He was Goan from the village of‎ Saligao. He was expelled from St. Xavier’s College (Bombay) for drawing graffiti in the loo. He claimed he was only correcting the original graffiti because it was so bad but the priests didn’t buy that. Later he was suspended from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art, in 1945 because of his support for theQuit India Movement. He was also the founding member of the ‘Progressive Artists’ Group of Bombay‘, and was the first post-independence Indian artist to achieve high recognition in the West.

Can you name this Goan artist?

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Kudos started in October 2012 in Oct. as a specialist of wood fired pizza and sizzles. The backbone of the enterprise are Savio and Shawn.They join together to start something in Goa to be very different than all the others restaurant. Savio has an extensive 13 years of experience in hotel catering especially during his period in Cruise ship.

For Shawn it is a 12 years experience as a solid bar consultant . So they got all their energy together, and planed carefully the “Kudos” concept. The food served in “Kudos” is Italian, continental and Goan and they are creating a fusion of all the three cuisine. The reason behind the concept is that many Restaurant are serving exactly the same thing , with very small changes.

To make a difference they are presenting fusion food with ,as an example  in house made,Egg mixed with “Goan Chorizo Ravioli” that has become a huge favorite among the locals, this including the delicious “Prawn Balchao” pizza and many more..!! On the other hand their menu specialty is  selected “Sizzler” as there are very few Restaurants in Goa who actually serves a really good sizzler.  You can choose from a very diverse variety of sizzler from pork, chicken, beef, veg, lamb, and see food. And they offer also burgers and sandwiches but only in the daytime .

The pizza start from 6.30 pm onwards on weekdays Monday – Friday  and 12 pm onwards . On Saturday- Sunday “Sizzlers” are available all day.

A final note on the special Atmosphere brought by the decoration. Kudos was built up only by them , with no architect, nor any interior designer involved in his creation .

Their guests keep asking them who has designed the place, and they all look surprised that it was done by the sole creativity of these brilliant gentlemen.

The restaurant has a very warm “stone” looks on the above section, and in the lower section the live wood fired pizza ,with a small waterfall, is welcoming the guests.

Finally one of the most unique designs of kudos is the panoramic glass window  , where guests can see everything that is happening in the restaurant ,which showcase the whole place inside out ,and vice versa. We recommended You test this excellent restaurant.  “Bon Appetit ”  !!!  Also in don’t miss the FREE HOME DELIVERY .

Chogm Road, Joia de Souza Bldg, opp. Sapana Habitat, Porvorim Goa.
Phone 0832 6510565/ 93 71370615 / 7798069170.

What do you do under heavy monsoon rains with your kids ???

Mum ‘s classic headache…is…what do you do under heavy monsoon rains… with very active kids ?…

Easy , easy..let’s go to the Movies !…

By chance Panjim hold an exceptionally modern complex with eight projection rooms with a multiple choice equal to very large cities.

They were showing the very last Hollywood carton “Despicable 2” which was a hit not to be missed for kids so well informed up to the very last news …!

Pop corn and fast food goodies could not be avoided with the tantalizing smell that was hovering all over the place…

Don’t wait too long as the success is massive ,and it is not easy to get the tickets you wish . But you can prebook in advance and reach smoothly your seat in full comfort.

For this visit or download INOX APPS for Iphone , BB and Android mobile.

Have a good time ..!

goa without the beaches

Thanks to Merry to go around , for this amazing sharing I Love it !

merry to go around

usually a post on a holiday in goa would begin with the sea, and end with the sea and there would be many mentions of the sea in between all of that too… words about the lovely beaches, the lovely sand, the private beach which you couldn’t reach, the lounging, the shacks, ‘susegad’, the packed shacks, martin’s corner, sunset at betalbatim, interspersed with vegetarians cribbing about the lack of options and the meat eater canoodling with ‘children of sea’, but it always comes back to the sea and the beaches… the white… the blue… the foam… the froth… gentle waves… silent… peaceful… calm… this year, we muddled up the mix. we went to goa in the monsoons… so whats the big deal?

this picture says it all… and we encountered it everywhere… so the one main reason to goa was wiped out, but we wanted to see what else we could do…

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