Yes, today after long time I can make this confession: Since my residency in Goa, my idea about showing through a Blog different side of Goa. To help people to discover and enjoy the best hidden place in this part of India who could be a paradise or a hell !


From Instagram we have been contacted and make a meeting with the owner of the BIG Fanpage only to help us ! He told us that, but the result has been very different. They say we gonna give you visibility, assistance, support, join our blog and share your content within our blog !!! Here was the trick…


Creativity is not often going to pair with Business and indeed we were all artist and not at all focusing on money like my first one partner in this blog, who was only welling to make money on my back first and then to the others…

Yes, because this world is full of people willing to make you do something for them. They act like they are so cool, but they aren’t ! Touch their interest once and You will discover their true face.


Why ? because in a certain way, they integrated our wordpress website’s blog inside their owns they took the traffic and left nothing for us! Today they make great MONEY and BUSINESS but their hands are not clean. And one day the Karma will make this right.

By the way now:

We are looking for writers and photographers, please contact us here:

with Love from my paradise island