Kudos started in October 2012 in Oct. as a specialist of wood fired pizza and sizzles. The backbone of the enterprise are Savio and Shawn.They join together to start something in Goa to be very different than all the others restaurant. Savio has an extensive 13 years of experience in hotel catering especially during his period in Cruise ship.

For Shawn it is a 12 years experience as a solid bar consultant . So they got all their energy together, and planed carefully the “Kudos” concept. The food served in “Kudos” is Italian, continental and Goan and they are creating a fusion of all the three cuisine. The reason behind the concept is that many Restaurant are serving exactly the same thing , with very small changes.

To make a difference they are presenting fusion food with ,as an example  in house made,Egg mixed with “Goan Chorizo Ravioli” that has become a huge favorite among the locals, this including the delicious “Prawn Balchao” pizza and many more..!! On the other hand their menu specialty is  selected “Sizzler” as there are very few Restaurants in Goa who actually serves a really good sizzler.  You can choose from a very diverse variety of sizzler from pork, chicken, beef, veg, lamb, and see food. And they offer also burgers and sandwiches but only in the daytime .

The pizza start from 6.30 pm onwards on weekdays Monday – Friday  and 12 pm onwards . On Saturday- Sunday “Sizzlers” are available all day.

A final note on the special Atmosphere brought by the decoration. Kudos was built up only by them , with no architect, nor any interior designer involved in his creation .

Their guests keep asking them who has designed the place, and they all look surprised that it was done by the sole creativity of these brilliant gentlemen.

The restaurant has a very warm “stone” looks on the above section, and in the lower section the live wood fired pizza ,with a small waterfall, is welcoming the guests.

Finally one of the most unique designs of kudos is the panoramic glass window  , where guests can see everything that is happening in the restaurant ,which showcase the whole place inside out ,and vice versa. We recommended You test this excellent restaurant.  « Bon Appetit  »  !!!  Also in don’t miss the FREE HOME DELIVERY .

Chogm Road, Joia de Souza Bldg, opp. Sapana Habitat, Porvorim Goa.
Phone 0832 6510565/ 93 71370615 / 7798069170.