Thanks to Merry to go around , for this amazing sharing I Love it !

merry to go around

usually a post on a holiday in goa would begin with the sea, and end with the sea and there would be many mentions of the sea in between all of that too… words about the lovely beaches, the lovely sand, the private beach which you couldn’t reach, the lounging, the shacks, ‘susegad’, the packed shacks, martin’s corner, sunset at betalbatim, interspersed with vegetarians cribbing about the lack of options and the meat eater canoodling with ‘children of sea’, but it always comes back to the sea and the beaches… the white… the blue… the foam… the froth… gentle waves… silent… peaceful… calm… this year, we muddled up the mix. we went to goa in the monsoons… so whats the big deal?

this picture says it all… and we encountered it everywhere… so the one main reason to goa was wiped out, but we wanted to see what else we could do…

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