Yesterday evening, Brigitte Axel organized a private party to pay tribute to Eight Fingers Eddie (08/03/1924 – 18/10/2010). Eight Finger Eddie was an American expatriate, Armenian origin, who came to Goa in 1965 at the age of 40 and has never left Anjuna. At that time the sunny beaches of North Goa became the final destination of the beatniks. Eddie was one of the pioneers of the famous Anjuna flea market in 1975, place where tourists sold or exchanged their property to return to Europe. The open-air bazaar still exists. He also held a soup kitchen for foreign visitors who had lost their way, their money – and sometimes their minds.
Brigitte Axel, also emblematic of the hippy movement, author of « H », a best seller in the 1970s, that recounts her experiences, had gathered for the occasion old friends Eight Fingers Eddie and many young hippies on holidays in Goa.
The evening was held to the sounds of the drums, singing and dancing in the garden of the property it owns in the heart of Anjuna flea market.

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